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Engagement season.

Monday, August 23rd, 2010 Misc 19 Comments

Never heard of it? Well, if you are a bride wanting to get married next year you need to know about Engagement Season. It’s a real thing.

Savoir Flair on Engagement Season

Every year MOST couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day.  This means that come January (after the holidays of showing off the ring to friends and family) couples are ready to get down to the nitty gritty with planning their weddings.  Which means that they are all vying for the same vendors and sites at the same time.  Don’t fret.  But,be wise.  IF you were lucky enough to get engaged before Engagement season…do not procrastinate.  Get in what I call “decision making mode.”  You will want to secure the following before engagement season if at all possible:  Coordinator, Site, Photographer, Band/DJ, Florist.  These are the vendors that book up first and in that particular order. If you have all of those set before engagement season you can rest easy and enjoy your holiday season.  If you don’t get that done before, you will want to try to secure them DURING the holiday season.  This can be a bit more difficult as vendors like florists are busy with seasonal events and don’t have as much time to meet and put together proposals. But keep on them and get those appointments on the books, even if its not till after the season,  because as soon as January 2 rolls around their phones will be ringing off the hook for appointments and you’ll already have yours set.

I don’t mean to stress all of you out with this news that there is a time crunch on your planning.  But I do think its good to be informed so you can plan wisely.

Happy Planning

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Hand made wedding goods.

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 Misc 8 Comments

I absolutely adore hand made things.  I appreciate them more on so many levels than anything mass produced. That’s why I just die over Etsy.  Believe it or not there are still those who havn’t heard of Etsy…if you have not…please…

Oh and be sure you’ve got some time to kill. It’s hard to get off it once you’ve started clicking. And please let me know what delicious finds you come across.

fabric wedding roses

We love these hand made fabric roses.

DIY wedding invitations?

Friday, April 23rd, 2010 Misc 12 Comments

Oh my. Papersource is really bringin it for me this week. They are now selling a letterpress machine that is less than $150 which is crazy cool..but also a die cut machine…I could have my own little invitation sweatshop here.  I have to say though…still nothing beats good letterpress design and that amazing attention to detail you get from a true letterpress artist like Jill at Jill Cate Design, she really is amazing and worth every cent.

Tin Parade loves this DIY letterpress machine from Papersource.

Savoir Flair Weddings loves this DIY letterpress machine from Papersource.

Savoir Flair Weddings loves this Silhouette machine die cut machine from papersource

Savoir Flair Weddings ALSO loves this silhouette machine from papersource.

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My number one tip for Brides in the final countdown.

Friday, April 16th, 2010 Misc 14 Comments

So you have two months to go.  You have all your vendors.  But there are a ton of fine details left.  START CROSSING THEM OFF YOUR LIST.  Whether you have a coordinator or not, there are certain things that your coordinator can’t do well for you such as your Table Assignments.  And you DON’T want to do all of that the week before the wedding.  But so many brides do because they are waiting on for the RSVP’s to come in…but the best best thing you can do is to start your seating assignments now! You totally can do that.

Escort Card table with cards throughout manzanite branches.

Make 3 LISTS:

1) you always know a huge group of the THEY WOULD NEVER MISS IT people as i call them.

2) and then you have your THEY WILL NEVER MAKE IT people.

3) and then there is the grey area…the THESE PEOPLE WONT MAKE A DECISION TO SAVE THEIR LIFE people…( :

….but you can usually bet that most of the people on the would never miss it list are going to be sitting near each other anyway…and you’ll have a work table, a friend table, a family table (obviously more than one on these) but the point is you can start putting a couple of people heading up those tables and then literally just fill them in as the rsvps come in…most brides dont do this and its my biggest biggest tip! ( :

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Well here we go. So much to say about weddings. Get ready!

Friday, April 2nd, 2010 Misc 21 Comments

Hi everyone.   Silent no more.  I’ve got a blog too! ( :     I am a wedding designer and coordintor named  Ryan Larson of Savoir Flair Weddings based in Los Angeles.  I’ve been doing weddings for almost 9 years.  Wow.  Can’t believe that.   I have learned so much along this journey and I’m excited and anxious to share that wisdom with all of you.  Please check back as I build a blog that will explore much more than just what’s hot (there will be just a little of that…we all know where to find that content already) but will explore things like…WHY a wedding?… HOW on a budget… WHAT  most brides forget… and much more…We’ll also be interviewing other vendors that I trust and want to impart their wisdom as well.  If there is a topic you need help on in particular please email me a blog/topic idea.   This is going to be fun!    Ryan

Photo by Susan Bordelon

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