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Engagement season.

Monday, August 23rd, 2010 Misc

Never heard of it? Well, if you are a bride wanting to get married next year you need to know about Engagement Season. It’s a real thing.

Savoir Flair on Engagement Season

Every year MOST couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day.  This means that come January (after the holidays of showing off the ring to friends and family) couples are ready to get down to the nitty gritty with planning their weddings.  Which means that they are all vying for the same vendors and sites at the same time.  Don’t fret.  But,be wise.  IF you were lucky enough to get engaged before Engagement season…do not procrastinate.  Get in what I call “decision making mode.”  You will want to secure the following before engagement season if at all possible:  Coordinator, Site, Photographer, Band/DJ, Florist.  These are the vendors that book up first and in that particular order. If you have all of those set before engagement season you can rest easy and enjoy your holiday season.  If you don’t get that done before, you will want to try to secure them DURING the holiday season.  This can be a bit more difficult as vendors like florists are busy with seasonal events and don’t have as much time to meet and put together proposals. But keep on them and get those appointments on the books, even if its not till after the season,  because as soon as January 2 rolls around their phones will be ringing off the hook for appointments and you’ll already have yours set.

I don’t mean to stress all of you out with this news that there is a time crunch on your planning.  But I do think its good to be informed so you can plan wisely.

Happy Planning

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